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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Solidaevidencia Archivos 17/11 às 17:50 -- What attracts an Anomaly? Thourghts, words...

I always want to know what attracts a UFO shot down and be film.... thoughts, words, numbers, lights, feelings from the heart, anxiety, despair, fear, joy, phrases... ??
what do you think ? as does each to film these objects? we all know that is not just going outside and wait ..
something everyone should agree with me, is that the UFO down because their attention something we have or something we do ..

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Rob Freeman This is only my opinion Solidaevidencia .. MarkKelly & I have interviewed many observers so far and this is what we're hearing .. some believe it is a state of mind that draws them down .. intention, expectation, calmness of mind, a relaxed state, non-judgmental openness, commitment, dedication, even feelings of "love", and "connection". Some use forms of meditation to achieve that state of mind, some just go out & they are there, or after vocally / mentally calling them. 

Others are more scientific & send physical messages to them, such as light signals, or lay out numbers or symbols on the ground for them to see .. Jeremy does a lot of work & research that way & is seeing results. (I wonder how much of it is also the intention & expectation he carries in his mind) He has stated that the anomalies have to get to know you / and or location. 

I believe that strongly. I also know several observers where their sightings are independent of location .. the anomalies appear to follow them around. Jason has that. To me, this is a very personal journey & each observer over time will discover his own connection to the anomalies & what works for him. Maybe each observer who cares to comment can update us on their own personal way? Franny?
Jeremy Thomas I had said before that anomalies need "line of sight", there is no a single "confirmed" report and documentation of "distance calling", all summoning, and what I do can also can be considered summoning, is done in the open with direct "line of sight" to the sky. Signaling directly anomalies is a way to get their attention and "modulate" their behavior, I am really surprised that more people are not using direct signalling when it is really trivial to use and see the results.

Also I had mentioned before that any form of "active search" implies a "mental call" because when you actively search for something you "want" to find that something, so if "telepathy" were real then anybody doing an active search will be doing a telepatic call for what is being searched.
I strongly believe in objetive procedures and I always doubt "subjective" impressions and accounts, even when your "mental state" is what ultimately define your success or not in a given task.

Solidaevidencia Archivos good to know this as it does each for sightings. I for example do not need meditation to appear, but there are people that if they do.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Thanks rob for comment 
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Solidaevidencia Archivos this good jeremy what you're saying, I like to know everyone thinks I think all of us something we connect with them, we filmed say ..
Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy & Solidaevidencia .. I'm also thinking about that video posted a few years back where the late "prophet YaWa?" of Las Vegas had the local TV station out & called an anomaly in .. it's all documented in the vid.
Rob Freeman I'll find it for you
Jeremy Thomas I was going to mention Prophet Yahweh, even in his case his "ritual" was done in open space.

Even the "star exercise" from Trevor J Constable was done in open space, all summoning "rituals" are done in open space.
Subjective interpretations always create obfuscation, confusion because they are essentially impossible to validate, you have to take on "faith" that person account and that is really not very good from an objective point of view.

Rob Freeman Those are great points Jeremy & it's true, we should all try consistent signalling that they can see from above. I've used a 1000mw laser (safely) on several occasions, doing the prime number sequence you've suggested, but will try to be consistent with that as well. And have used a marine style searchlight also, doing the numbers.
Jeremy Thomas And the ufo believers case reinforces my point: the big confusion that they have is due mainly to their dependency on "subjective" interpretations no to hard cold facts.
Jeremy Thomas Exactly Rob Freeman, if a cold look is taken to any of the people doing active observations successfully what is common in them is their persistency and consistency, repetition and consistency is key here.
Jeremy Thomas And even when recurrent sightings may be location independent, the experience of active observers shows that the "initial" phase of "identifying" the observer can take a while, Franny Hudson had even mentioned that he was almost to the point of quitting before actually seeing the first anomalies.
Solidaevidencia Archivos I never did rituals to have sightings .. but what he says is key .. jeremy insistence and perseverance.

I sometimes feel that these objects can sense the desire we have to see them ..

Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos everybody make "rituals", the sequence of movements, body language, etc. That anybody does when he/she is going to or is making observations is a "ritual", many times you do almost exactly the same sequence of movements even without realizing it, we are creatures of customs and repetition.
Solidaevidencia Archivos I was referring to a form of "spiritual" ritual not think it's necessary ...

many times I call with phrases or words, but I do not sumonner .. or something, and achievement or filming them, but not often because I work long hours and have little time to look at the sky ..

Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos I call "ritual" to any sequence of movements done in the open when you ate going to make observations and during making the actual observations, everything is a "ritual" in that sense if it is done in the open with a view of the sky, it does not matter if it is done conciously or not.
Solidaevidencia Archivos and what is the sequence of movements Jeremy?
Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos  any sequence of movements, for example when you are going to make observations, usually you do it from the same location, then you setup your tripod, you look up searching for anomalies, you maybe place your hands over your eyes, or you use binoculars, all of that are "hints" given by your body language that will tell any "intelligent" being that is looking at you from above that you are looking for something in the sky.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Yes, I totally agree with you on this point.

I think that they detect these things and knowing that you are looking down make a contact with them.

Jeremy Thomas Exactly Solidaevidencia Archivos and that is what I mean when I said that all forms of summoning, mine included, are "rituals" done in the open with a view from the sky.
Solidaevidencia Archivos I would like to know what is because many times you do this, there is not okay ... I would be failing?
Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos repite eso ultimo en castellano para enterderte mejor, por favor.
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Solidaevidencia Archivos Perdoname el mal ingles que tengo, queria explicar, que no entiendo porqué haciendo estos pasos que ambos sabemos, yo no logro ver nada por varios dias, esto una vez lo hable creo con vos, pero no tuve una respuesta. Aunque nadie sabe realmente cuando va a aparecer estos objetos, pero vos los filmas todo el tiempo, y haces lo mismo que yo cada vez que voy afuera a mirar el cielo...
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Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos- You need to be pro-active, sending direct signals to anomalies increase their "interest".

- The almost totality of anomalies are not visible to naked eye, if I use naked eye spotting then I will be spotting a lot less. IR spotting is key and that is something that still many people had not internalized, with just a few people doing active observations using infrared spotting the amount of captures will increase exponentially, plus the number of captures with bizarre anomalies, the bizarre ones are almost always beyond naked eye spotting, let me repeat it: the key is IR spotting.

- And the use of very high magnification, beyond anything that is provided by any consumer product.

Jeremy Thomas Trevor J Constable already said it: we need to be "playful" with these entities.

Solidaevidencia Archivos Jeremy you know that I use a hybrid camera, not use IR, and these objects fall .. but not always happens every time I go to monitor the sky, and all that I film, I see it with the naked eye
Jeremy Thomas If you spot one anomaly with naked eye it is almost a certainty that it will be many more not visible to naked eye but visible in IR, also the ones visible to naked eye will be mostly in "mimic" state, we already had seen anomalies transforming from amorphous to mimic shape, that means that to spot anomalies in a more "natural" state IR spotting is recommended.
Solidaevidencia Archivos but my question is not talk or not see them, but they do not appear when I'm looking at, sometimes take hours to download, or you may not see them for days. but I have no problems when it comes to them. 
Rob Freeman Jeremy .. I'm thinking of building an automatic strobe light that lays on the ground & points up & flashes once, waits, then 3 times, waits, then 5 times, then repeats, all on a say a 30 second cycle. (prime numbers as you suggest) but have no idea what to buy or how to hook it up. Any ideas or recommendations?
Jeremy Thomas Rob Freeman I had recommended to use the Arduino switch to send pulses in prime numbers, using that switch you can have anything that is powered by a cord "modulated" by the switch to send prime numbers. 

I use it to "modulate" the pulses in short radio waves at any time day or night, and at night to send pulses in prime numbers using a flash light.

Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy .. I didn't know which key words to type into YouTube to find it .. thanks for locating it for me. In the prime number string, is that a typo? .. should it be "1" instead of "2" as shown in the video?
Jeremy Thomas Technically 1 is not considered as a prime number for mathematicians, the sequence start with 2, the only even number that is prime.
Jeremy Thomas But if some people wants to use any other significant sequence, as the Fibonacci sequence for example, only replacing the numbers in the array is needed:

By definition, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are either 1 and 1, or 0 and 1, depending on the chosen starting point of the sequence, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two.
Jeremy Thomas And actually that is the idea in next steps, once is solidly confirmed that anomalies are "modulated" by a specific sequence, the next steps in the "process" should be changing the sequence to see the corresponding changes in anomalies.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Si uso un laser de dia para emitir señales, de los laser de 30mw, ellos lo pueden captar de dia Jeremy? Que opinas?
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Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos de dia un laser no se veria mucho por el resplandor del sol, pero un espejo esta provado que se puede usar de dia para emitir senales, de hecho espejos se han usado para eso desde hace miles de years.
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Solidaevidencia Archivos It is interesting to me about this issue because this issue is key to UFO sightings and insurance contacts. I feel good to know that techniques that have worked to attract them to us.

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