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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rob Freeman 17/11 às 14:04 -- Is this an authentic anomaly?

Here is Budgetmoon's video motion tracked. JeremySolidaevidencia, as I've only been at this observing since February, could you (or anyone) let me know the characteristics that would give evidence that this is an authentic anomaly? 

As much as this video is very impressive & shot by a very experienced observer who I've personally met & observed with, who I have utmost respect for, in my limited experience from what I've seen & filmed personally, & watched on video from this group, usually the bag anomalies do not deform in the wind, while this one does. 

Usually they act "rigid". Is it possible that it truly is a piece of plastic blown from a tall building under construction? I'm looking for indications of mimicry, but am having a difficult time finding them on this one. Watch in HD, on fullscreen.

 Object has been motion tracked, video has been shortened, posted as "unlisted", not publicly sear...
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Jeremy Thomas Let me say first that no statement is ever 100% positive or confirmed, this could be a plastic bag, but there are "indicators" against that interpretation. First its apparent size, it looked relatively big, the shapes that it took do not correspond to a random plastic bag trapped in a wind current, at times it looked that was actually flying like a kite, it hoovered at times, etc. 

It will be really great if budgetmoon could give his personal account on this, there is no better perspective than the one from the actual observer. Again we are dealing with an extremely hard to decode phenomena, analytical skills are paramount as a critical view.
Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy ... Mark, I know you're in touch with Budgetmoon regularly .. could you send him this video & ask for his personal account? (thanks)
Jeremy Thomas Also we already know that mimics anomalies will be very hard to spot at naked eye spotting distances, when they get into the range of potential human naked eye spotting they already "hardened" their camouflage, only by secundary indicators they can be detected. 

It is like beyond a certain distance we enter into the "twilight zone" where anomalies really show themselves as they are, it appears that that zone is related to human naked sighting capabilities.
Jeremy Thomas I just saw "orbs" on top of the dual optical system, they moved away when I went out, they were just 10 feet away.
Jeremy Thomas I had been sending short radio signals since early this morning.
Rob Freeman That's very cool .. looks like they are truly studying you as much as you are studying them. "Fair is fair".
Jeremy Thomas For example Scott Browne used the following picture as an "example" showing that what we had been discussing here is "nonsense", but we had said many times that single shots are very misleading in any direction that they are used, looking at the footage of that sighting frame by frame shows that he is wrong. 
But that is why this group is an "advanced" ongoing course in ufology, people without the necessary openmindeness will feel out of place here:

Jeremy Thomas So it will be really cool if budgetmoon can offer his intake on this, but cases like this one we will have a lot and we can learn a lot from them.
Rob Freeman It would be really great if budgetmoon joined our group because he gets a lot of great sightings and has tons of experience.
Jeremy Thomas He already had been invited, but since you Rob Freemanalready know him in person he may accept an invitation directly from you.
Franny Hudson Yep its a difficult one, for me when it was next to the crane it appeared to take the form of a bird hovering. it also hovered next to water before landing and seemed highly reflective for a bag almost like it morphed. Also when it landed in the water it looked like it took a shape of a paper boat almost.
Rob Freeman I really like everyone's comments, because different people spot the subtle & unique characteristics of these anomalies .. and the real difficult part is they can mimic "real life" so well, but somehow they always leave some clue for the trained observer to spot.
Franny Hudson Almost looks like a bird of prey.
Franny Hudson Looks like a hole different texture and colour here I would imagine a black bin bag wouldn't do this worth trying a demonstration on a windy day.
Rob Freeman Thanks Franny .. I was wondering about that myself .. it does appear to be a different colour there. These are the subtle things that many times go unnoticed.
Franny Hudson Yes Rob Freeman it could be a effect from the sun because the suns reflection is bouncing off the water on the footage. But it certainly looks odd at the moment before entering the water, we know these transformations can happen in a split second with anomalies! maybe that's what where seeing here. The anomaly adapting its form ready to make its journey underwater.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Rob, the 23-10 I sign a variable equal to it. the object has a stock movements can not do. far as I caught my attention is that the lower water, the person filming him, cut the video rather than continue filming to see what happens !!
Rob Freeman Thanks Solidaevidencia, yes, would be interesting to know what happened next.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Jajajajjj because this object when cut the film... returns to take off and go to heaven !

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