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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 27/11 às 23:33 -- Polymorphic anomaly after sunset.

Very active session today, this is a polymorphic anomaly spotted at 5:30pm after sunset, not enough light and this object was moving relatively fast.
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Jeremy Thomas These objects appear at any hour of the day, morning, noon, afternoon and any day of the week, there is really no preference for weekends or afternoon which will be the case for party balloons.
Jeremy Thomas And they move around your location, always keeping a distance but "looking" for your attention, very very weird ...
Franny Hudson Yep something I have wanted to ask: Do you notice they dont really like cold or windy conditions?
Franny Hudson Everytime Its windy or cold I never really have results.
Jeremy Thomas I think unless it is very cloudy that will not make any difference, and in cloudy conditions they may be there but clouds block them. I really do not have a "clear" idea of what they may be.
Jeremy Thomas I think when it is very windy still they are there but since they use the wind to move they will be moving very fast and hard to see, yesterday was relatively windy here and still they were up there all day.
Franny Hudson Yeah I do believe weather must effect them only because summer time they where forever showing up! then since the weather's been bad hardly any sightings, its either they dont like the cold or I cant send out my message clear enough, because am thinking too much about being cold.
Jeremy Thomas Coldness should really not affect them, harsh weather exist at high altitudes and even more in empty space.
Jeremy Thomas Also the weather down here improves in terms of being less cloudy in winter, then more potential sightings are possible. I believe that in a clear sky, anomalies will be seen independently of temperature.

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