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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Franny Hudson 27/11 às 9:22 -- Jeremy Thomas footage on UFO Planet.

Jeremy Thomas footage on UFO planet on the hot clip of the day near the end.
A look at the top UFO headlines and recently reported sightings from around the planet.
Andrew Chingford I see the lights flashing in sequence on Jeremy's anomaly shown on the show. those were not sun reflections imo.
Rob Freeman Jeremy's part starts at 6:10 mins / secs into the program.
Jeremy Thomas I had to concede to what the people mentioned by Darin Crapo are saying: that what we are recording does not have anything to do with Ufology, and we had to understand Ufology in the "classical" sense, this Ufology was done by people(ufologists) that as a rule never did direct atmospheric observations, they relayed and still do on "sightings reports" by unprepared observers,.

Can you imagine biologists making any theory of living beings using only "sighting reports" of these living beings without making direct observations of their "subjects of interest"? 

Clearly the ideas generated that way will be detached from reality and full of myths. 

When direct and systematic observations are done using the proper equipment "new things" will be found that people without using proper equipment never knew and that is happening now and had been happening for a while, but the strong preconceptions in these "classical ufologists" made them to ignore and dissmiss this "reality" that can be observed by anyone, they continue to be detached from reality and yes in that sense what active observers of anomalies are documenting is not Ufology.

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