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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 2/12 às 19:36 -- Free PDF from a book of Joseph M. Felser

Many independent people reaching the same conclusions.
It is really estimulating and reassuring to discover that many individuals had reached almost the same conclusions that we had reached independently, some of these individuals are practicing scientists and phylosophers.
The current impass and systemic failure in scientific thinking that get revealed naked by their innaction to the reality of anomalies is in many of contemporary scientific thinkers writings, but mainstream science always try to suppress and silence these dissident voices, but these voices are out there and getting lauder.
This is another example of such voices, a very good read:
After the Revolution, or, Paradigms Lost: 
Outsiders, Anomalies, and the Future of "Forbidden Science" 
by Joseph M. Felser

Rob Freeman Thanks for sharing this link Jeremy, have downloaded the book now.

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