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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 2/12 às 19:09 -- Free PDF of "FORBIDDEN SCIENCE" by Jaques Vallée

This is a link to the pdf version of the Jacques Vallee book "Forbidden Science", it could be an interesting reading for some, Jacques Vallee was an active participant of Project Blue Book that perhaps was the only serious and semi-open official undertaking trying to understand the UFO phenomenon.
Jeremy Thomas Quote from the book that will give anybody an idea of how reality in scientific circles really works:

"Occasionally we observe objects that remain unidentified. Thus on 11 July at 
10:35 p.m. I saw a satellite brighter than second magnitude. I had time to log a few data 
points. On another occasion several of us recorded no less than eleven points. 

The next  
morning [Vallee's immediate superior, astronomer Paul] Muller, who behaves like a 
petty Army officer, simply confiscated the tape and destroyed it, although a similar 
object had just been tracked by other astronomers at Besançon and by Pierre Neirinck, 
a satellite expert based in Saint-Malo.

"Why don't we send the data to the Americans?" I asked him.
Muller just shrugged.
"The Americans would laugh at us."

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