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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 18/11 às 17:46 -- Three key/basic steps for systematically observing anomalies.

Three key/basic steps for systematically observing anomalies.

Rob Freeman Good video Jeremy .. explains things in a way that most should understand. When all my equipment comes in from eBay, I'll document putting the dual scope spotting & recording system together in a video, and direct viewers to your channel as well, for lots of detailed info.
Jeremy Thomas Rob Freeman I am really not targetting "most" just a very few, "most" will always be lost, that is a fact of life that many times we forget, this is not for the masses.
Rob Freeman Was thinking most in this group .. but maybe even here, only a few will put this system together.
Jeremy Thomas  With just five people in the world using consistently dual optical systems with "good" magnification that will be enough to cross a "threshold".

They will be producing such amount of solid evidence that it will be impossible to ignore, but also I know that many people are just looking for a "quick buck": a footage or picture that can get "viral".

So that is why you see people "courting" the believers because the believers are the driving force behind "traffic".

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