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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Franny Hudson 19/11 às 8:24 -- The front picture speaks volumes about this article!

The front picture speaks volumes about this article! Its about the low optical zoom mimics over L.A people saying weather balloons reflecting in the sun.

A group of UFO enthusiasts has uploaded online a video which they claim shows a demonstration of their ability to summon UFOs through meditation. The group,
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Jeremy Thomas This is an "ideological" war of many fronts. By the way they are showing also their thechnical ignorance in some aspects of this article: weather balloons never are released in mass. But as always they are "experts" and people almost always believe what experts say. But with these people even using the right "optical magnification" will not make any difference.
Jeremy Thomas But in some sense they are right "the front picture" speaks volumes, the ever present flying saucer image that is completely out of place here, the perpetuation of the myths. Unless a complete break is done with the myths people with solid scientific background will not touch the subject.

Jeremy Thomas People that are "courting" the believers will fall in their own trap, they will suppress themselves trying not to "offend" the believers. If you visitFausto Perez channel you will not see a single footage with balloon shaped anomalies and he had seen plenty for sure, but you will see plenty of first videos footage with the flying disc in front, a clear indication of his target, he has to suppress himself if he want to target the believers and he is clearly doing it.

Hello My Name is Fausto Peres & I Co-Founded The Research Orginization L.A. UFO Channel; we…
Jeremy Thomas The standing question: Looking for social recognition or looking for the truth? These two things appear to be opposite in this area of anomalies manifestations.

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