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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ronald Ricardo 21/11 às 20:15 -- Turned the image into 4k...

Turned the image and turned into 4k still working on it......

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Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos no "space ship", in footage like this one there is a little bit for each conceivable preconception.

Ronald Ricardo I know my friend just want to show this to you.
Solidaevidencia Archivos but here I see a structure, not an organic object or an object morphic Jeremy, so I call spaceship, because it is not something small

Ronald Ricardo Lets keep it in the middle, just as Jeremy says conceivable preconception lets keep everything open ! one thing is for sure isn,t it fantastic ! the best i ever have seen ,thanks Jeremy !
Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos do you really are concious of the "meaning" of "space ship"? First this is an object inside of the atmosphere, we do not know from where it came or to where it went, this object showed polymorphism/morphing, but this morphing is perfectly synchronized to its rotation, we already know that polymorphic anomalies follow a cycle of transformations that they repeat over and over for a while, that cycle may change, but in this case the timing of the cycle match the time that this object makes a rotation, it is perhaps a little hard to see at first but the morphing is there, even the morphing includes changes in size.

Ronald Ricardo That is thru, still it's fantastic ! looking forward to your next catch ! can't help it ill enjoy this stuff! whatever it is you are catching it ! i do not see this on NASA tv! hahaha !
Solidaevidencia Archivos I call a spaceship and more compact and bigger than ufo object variable. not necessarily have to travel a being in, maybe I'm wrong because I see only an image and not the video. no matter where it comes from or where it goes or rotation, size matters having to define it well. Forgive me if I'm wrong in saying this just to see an image. I see there a rigid structure with moving parts, but I may be wrong also.
Rob Freeman Jeremy .. I ran various photos of this anomaly through several "reverse image" searches and nothing came up .. it appears that this may be the first time anyone has ever taken a photo of such an anomaly / object.

Jeremy Thomas It could be Rob Freeman, but as we know it is hard to say on this or in anything else, perhaps there is just a very "obscure" footage outthere with something similar, perhaps somebody outthere already made consistent direct signaling to anomalies, we really don't know, the reverse search is good but very limited just to the images that had been indexed already.

Anomalies with rotational polymorphism had already been documented and I had posted in this group before, this one somehow is similar to the one from yesterday:

Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy .. the detail on this current anomaly is outstanding .. I'm so curious what these "panels" might be on it's "back". Is it mimicking a satellite's solar panels perhaps? And those lines .. very interesting.
Jeremy Thomas Rob Freeman I still have more footage to post from this anomaly, this was just 50 seconds of footage. I have several minutes of footage, some portions inside clouds where I lost it after a while.
Rob Freeman Would you be able to post the entire footage as one videoJeremy? This sighting is very important for everyone to study.
Jeremy Thomas I will try, even when YT will degrade it a lit, I can also post it raw in any file sharing site.
Rob Freeman That's great .. yes, I would love to receive it before degrading on YT.
Jeremy Thomas I will upload the raw footage tomorrow to a file sharing site.

Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy 
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Solidaevidencia Archivos This footage is spectacular Jeremy.
and I still see ... a compact and Big object, although this too high, and the filming is excellent.

Franny Hudson Just looks unusual still has the movements from a normal anomaly with consistent rotation slight flaring and a tether. Its all the same phenomenon in my opinion, just one the anomaly never mimicked quite right! no doubt later down the road this morph will be documented again.

Ronald Ricardo Think i found it ...but i,m not sure going to upload a picture don't hang me if you people see it different just trying to comprehend this!

Ronald Ricardo keep this in know why i show you this, i have seen it before in the air. A few years ago i was with Suzan and we saw this thing during the night when i analyses the footage it looked like this. i do not have the pictures anymore just the analyses on a photo{paper} i will try to show you this on a later moment but first i will show you what i found.

Jeremy Thomas This is the public folder, Rob FreemanRonald Ricardo, in Google drive where I am uploading the raw footage for this sighting, the files are avi format as provided by the recording program on my PC and they are named by the time of recording, one file is already there, it will take a little while for all the others to be uploaded:

Jeremy Thomas Even when the link provided is "public" is only for the members of this group. You can use the video files in any way that you like it, as part of other videos, etc, providing a minimal courtesy credits. There is a lot more in these files than what I had posted so far, only footage for minutes 16:33 and 16:34 had been posted.
Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy ... just back home now & downloading .. much appreciated.
Jeremy Thomas All raw video files from the "resolver" had been uploaded.

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