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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rob Freeman 29/11 às 5:34 -- Polymorphic cluster video, with motion tracking & 200% zoom.

For group study purposes, here is Jeremy's polymorphic cluster video shortened, motion tracked, zoomed 200% and speeded up 4x:
Original video: This clip has been shortened, zoomed 200%, and speeded up 4x from original video. Jeremy Thomas Y...
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Jeremy Thomas Great job, you can see small sections at the center inflate and deflate, even when polymorphism is better seen in slow mo, some changes are very fast and speed actually mask them. 

Also this particular anomaly had very intense flaring, the front picture in it shows an instance of intense flaring that caused that lens effect that looks like a bean coming out of this object.

Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy, here is your polymorphic cluster video, with motion tracking & 200% zoom, but this time at the same speed as yours, for studying the frame to frame changes: 

Jeremy Thomas Great that Rob Freeman, sometimes watching these polymorphic objects can give you a "visceral feeling" as if watching something alive and its internal structure.
Jeremy Thomas As always Rob Freeman you can make this footage public, it is a good example of almost subtle polymorphism.

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