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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rob Freeman 18/11 às 14:07 -- Saw this go floating by, at my farm.

Saw this go floating by, at my farm.
UFEs (Unidentified Floating Entities) At my farm near Thorndale, ON, I saw this object go floating by. To the naked eye, in general, these things typically a...
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Jeremy Thomas Did you went there to check it? Interesting capture.
Rob Freeman It was very far away, in an unaccessible area, probably a couple thousand feet away .. was zoomed in to the max.
Jeremy Thomas Can we say that it is a plastic bag from a construction site? It is not really curious how the colours of that object matched almost exactly the surroundings?
Rob Freeman True & there is no construction, within at least 10 miles of my farm.
Franny Hudson Short footage is always difficult! but there's a smaller orb like object or butterfly next to this object.
Jason Bales construction is good.....cristian saldano taught me of this...variables always around construction sites....
Jason Bales at work..they are building a roller coaster....i saw my first variable in a long time..very high....

Ronald Ricardo Amazing Rob i get the impression it is part of something bigger as i look at this {cloaked} going to enhance this amazing catch! it almost looks like a "rupture" in the sky!

Solidaevidencia Archivos Rob is awesome !!!
there you see the descent of the object and a sheet that accompanied it !!

Solidaevidencia Archivos A laminar object !! 
Emoji grin

Solidaevidencia Archivos I can share your video on my site Rob?
Rob Freeman Thanks, yes, Solidaevidencia, by all means, go ahead, please give credit to:

Ever spotted strange anomalous UFEs (Unidentified Floating Entities) high up in the sky? To the naked eye,…

Ronald Ricardo Rob can you motion track it?
Rob Freeman YouTube has a green "download" button now .. download this vid & go one frame at a time 0:12 - 0:15 seconds .. you'll see an orb go buzzing by & another one come over to it & then zip away &. Both in different directions. Also spotted another one at 0:19 secs passing by from left to right.

Ronald Ricardo Thanks Rob fantastic !!

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