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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 30/11 às 23:50 -- Are we afraid of making mistakes?

Are we afraid of making mistakes?
Since very early in our lives we learn that society does not see mistakes with very good eyes, many times we try very hard to mask our mistakes because mistakes can hurt our "credibility" in society.
That fear to make mistakes or being "ridiculed" by making gross mistakes is really morphed into "terror" in academia and scientific circles. Peers opinion is paramount in academia and a "crank" label will be professional suicide.
That actually is one of the reasons for the current paralysis in academic circles regarding the reality of anomalies, they are so afraid of being ridiculed that they are virtually paralysed.
But some people had been able to overcome these fears and had documented extraordinary occurences. Since the anomalies manifestations are so complex and includes almost perfect mimicking of human recognizable objects that making mistakes is expected, but that should not be a deterrent to continue.
Placing the paralysis of scientific circles against the brave active observers documentation of these manifestations shows clearly that "scientists" behavior is irrational and ultimately unscientific.

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