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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 25/11 às 22:56 -- Very fast ghostly objects moving around anomaly.

Very fast ghostly objects moving around anomaly, we had seen this kind of objects before, for example moving around the "tree branch" anomaly, this footage is in IR at 4fps, slowed down to see these fast objects, 11/23/14 4:44pm.
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Jeremy Thomas IR reveals a layer of reality that we really are unaware of, these very fast objects move in clouds, their numbers are astronomical and many times are seen around anomalies.

Jeremy Thomas We had seen the same kind of fast objects before, for example moving around a "tree branch" shaped anomaly here in the IR segment:

Rob Freeman Very interesting ... and none of this was visible, except in IR, right?
Jeremy Thomas Yes Rob Freeman, these fast objects are very hard to see in visible light, they appear to be "plasma-like", like concentrated electromagnetic plasma clouds, but they are pervasive and could be anywhere, IR opens a "window" into something else and anomalies are deeply related to that.
Jeremy ThomasThis is an interesting article, Rob Freeman, about "radar angels", radar angels were unexplained echos in early radar systems, the majority of these echos were "explained" as birds, and the introduction of "Sensitivity Time Control" in radar systems eliminated most of these "radar angels". I believe that many of these radar angels are actually anomalies and could be some of these fast objects that are seen in this footage. Eliminating these echos from modern radar systems is actually filtering out important and ground breaking data. 

Curiously in a similar fashion the cosmic background radiation was discovered as "noise" in a radiotelescope.
Rob Freeman This is fascinating Jeremy .. don't know if this is possible, but in the future, once I've mastered your IR spotting system, is there any reason why I would not be able to obtain a marine radar system like what is used in a boat in the Great Lakes here? Then do experiments, watching for anomalies. My brother had a larger pleasure boat here, for a few years, which had marine radar on it & I don't believe he needed any special license.
Jeremy Thomas I had mentioned that the "ultimate" atmospheric surveillance system will be one with IR and radar spotting, the radar part will be able to see a lot of "angels" that could or not appear on the IR or visible part. As these fast ghostly objects show there is a level of "ghostiness": beyond a point objects will be easily visible in IR but very hard to see in visible light, continuing down that level it may exist objects that are easily visible on radar(short radio waves) but very hard to spot in IR and even harder in visible light.
Jeremy Thomas If a search is done in this group by "Forbidden Science" it will find a post that I did on Ag 2014 about the original idea of dual systems using radars by Project Blue Book in the 1950s.
Alan Bumac Very interesting

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