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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 22/11 às 16:53 -- The race for understanding.

The race for understanding.
If this were a contest, a race to see who gain a better understanding of the UFO dilemma and on one side we have just a handful of people with clear minds, starting from zero with no preconceptions or prejudices, and on the other side we have a whole planet of UFO believers and people loaded with preconceptions and unlimited resources, which one of the two groups will win this race?
Current experience clearly shows that the first group will win widely this race even with overwhelming disadvantages in resources and man power and the reasons we had explained before here.
People loaded with preconceptions will move very slowly, even the best instruments in their hands will be worthless. They will be unable to make the right connections because they are blinded by their preconceptions and slowed down by obfuscation.
On the other hand the people with clear minds will use first the "results" of the other group in their advantage, will improve or design new instruments that will escape in the face of the other group.
The other group will dismiss and "attack" that small group and will be even unable to see that they are far behind in the race.
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Jeremy Thomas And make no mistake that race is already on.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Jeremy what the other group, who are the other group?
Solidaevidencia Archivos Te referis a algun sitio en particular?Ver tradução
Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos everybody else is in the "other" group.
Solidaevidencia Archivos I thought you meant anyone in particular
Solidaevidencia Archivos Thanks for clearing Emoji smile
Solidaevidencia Archivos In this site all have clear minds.. Its good for sharing

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