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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 22/11 às 11:28 -- I know what I saw! Really?

I know what I saw! 

That is even the title of an UFOtv studios video. That title implicitly implies that a given witness can determine and identify exactly what he/she saw, it is giving to the witnesses capabilities that are unreal and that practice shows in a daily basis that are wrong.
People that regularly make observations know that the process of "identification" of apparently anomalous occurences is very hard, many times only a carefully frame by frame examination of a footage will reveal details that are simply impossible to see in real time movement.
Perception, what a given person perceives is deeply connected to that person knowledge, preconceptions and expectations, we had seen that many times.
So if even in cases where detailed footage of a given event done by an experienced observer is hard to "decode", can we really trust personal accounts even from ourselves that happened just yesterday? Even more in a more distant past?

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Jay Lee The pattern is called Herringbone or Chevron. 

Herringbone is more mechanical and the Chevron pattern is more waspy(biological). 
Great capture Jeremy. Since it was picked up by IR, I lean towards mechanical.
Jay Lee Hey Jeremy,

I didn’t mean to step on your toes. Sorry if you think what I said to be a cut on your research. I was simply stating my opinion on the object you captured on video. 

I will be the first to admit, I have no idea what it is you captured but my research has indicated that biological entities resemble (through evolution) characteristics of animals which we see here on land and in our oceans. 

Many of the lower flying anomalous objects can transform into anything we send up in the sky, probably for protection purposes. I think they mimic because of birds. Birds are nasty animals and go after every creature on earth including mammals, fish, insects, reptiles, etc. 

Their eyes are extremely sharp and fly faster than anything on the ground or in water. They are like dinosaurs. When it comes to this object, it displays a pattern not seen (typically) on earth other than a fabric store or brick walkways. Even the wasp pattern is a far stretch. 

I believe the atmospheric animals can change their shape and their colors but one thing that my research doesn’t support is changing their light spectrum. Only mechanical objects can do this. Not human mechanical, alien mechanical. We see them occasionally appearing and disappearing from space shots in outer space. Again, this is only my belief. 

Just because I believe something is true, doesn’t make it true. I will continue to research. I know people say we are only limited by our imagination but look at what you captured… is beyond our imagination. Again, great capture. Keep up the excellent work. I want your IR system so bad but I suck at putting together something sophisticated like this. I wish there was an ‘as powerful’ system I could buy that was put together. I know I could do some incredible things with it.

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