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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 2/12 às 12:54 -- Cognitive Dissonance is the end result of modern education at all levels.

Cognitive Dissonance is the end result of modern education at all levels.
We had already seen the pervasive use of simplistic debunking to explain away anomalies, simplistic debunking is the universal passtime of armchair theorists.
For these armchair theorists building simplistic "models" of reality is a "convincing" way to "explain" reality. But that logic is intrinsically flawed because simplistic models can be build or imagined of any aspect of reality. A planetarium is a "convincing" model of the night sky but it is not the night sky.
Modern "educated" people see reductionism as the ultimate philosophical tool to explain reality and this education has as the crown of achievement many reductionist and ideal models of reality.
The current status quo regarding the reality of anomalies clearly shows that this mindset is an obstacle to really be aware of this reality.
It can be considered as a global pathological state of cognitive dissonance and modern education is at the root of it.
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David Feola like how an anomaly with a tether is automatically deduced to be a balloon or, how a round disc shaped aircraft is automatically accused of originating from another planet, despite the fact it is likely an experimental or commissioned craft developed by the military. agreed. good read.
Jeremy Thomas This was posted with some extra details at ScienceForum, it is not hard to imagine the replies and "abuse" coming back.

David Feola Lol. As per the usual.

Jeremy Thomas Banned from ScienceForums, reason given:

You have been banned for the following reason:
ignoring mod warning to stop posting balloon threads

Date the ban will be lifted: December 9th, 2015, 02:00 PM

David Feola Hahahaha oh geez.

David Feola That's a classic. Unfortunately its not so funny when scientific circles dismiss evidence.

David Feola Sorry to hear JT, this must surely be quite a frustrating process.

Jeremy Thomas You get "frustated" when you really "respect" the opinions from somebody, but that "respect" for "science types" is long gone. The replies that I had received in ufo forums are exactly the same in science forums: debunkers/science types and ufo believers are two faces of the same coin.
I always post in these forums expecting at least to get the attention of some curious minds that can break the inaction paralisis and make observations of their own. These curious minds are always out there, I was one before.

David Feola Well said. That's really the most effective course of action - gather as many objective observers as possible, preferably those with heads on their shoulders that can contribute in an amazing way. Unfortunately the closed minded tendency of an individual can make even the brightest person seem ignorant. Pressing on!
Jeremy Thomas Exactly "smartness" and "perception level" are two different things, and "hard rooted preconceptions" always will bound "perception level", preconceptions and perceptions are intrinsically related.
Jeremy Thomas That is why it is so hard to find people that are "smart" and at the same time with very high perception level: because usually "smart" people will have "higher" education, but "education" usually "insert" in you a heavy dosis of preconceptions and these preconceptions will limit, will be a filter, for your perceptions. If you add to that the very rare and precious asset of having the perseverance and stamina to make active observations regularly then these qualities are super rare. That is why the truly active observers are so very few in the whole planet.

David Feola Agreed. One of the aims then is to do the remarkable- have one of these super rare individuals raise the benchmark by providing evidence, as footage, of subject matter that inspires others in a general pool of like similarities to question their own mental and.cognitive state of being. Allow the most rigid mind to turn in on itself and question its own relevancy (for lack of a better word) and usefulness in a world that is no longer the same perceptually. Hopefully then the willpower to branch off as ones own pioneer will do great things for a scene starving for the right kind of attention. I realised some time ago that without the scientific element and I dare say a scientific element combined with a sense of curious wonder, that all observers are a bunch of people that are or may be bewildered by what is being observed, but lacking the roadmap or systematized structure in which to classify observations and, eventually, identity and catalogue what is being studied.
Jeremy Thomas The evidence is already here, but many are blind to it, obfuscation and lack of perception are the main obstacles. But just talking will not advance knowledge, going out and making observations with the right instruments and mindset will do.

David Feola Yes precisely, and if our efforts can boost the drive in people to go out and do the same then all the better. Cheers

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