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Friday, April 8, 2016

Jeff McDuffie 1/12 às 12:41

Switzerland in 1566
Date: August 7,
Location: Basel, Switzerland
A 16th century woodcutting depicts this scene in which dark spheres were witnessed hovering over the town of Basel, Switzerland in 1566. The spheres appeared at sunrise, 'Many became red and fiery, ending by being consumed and vanishing', wrote Samuel Coccius in the local newspaper on this date.
Jeremy Thomas Unless accounts of this type provide "actionable insight" in current observations they are really of little value for active observers. Classical Ufology is full of similar accounts and Ufology had been stagnant forever, ufologists were unable to see beyond the obfuscation created for similar accounts. We are really concerned with actual observations and information and/or insights that potentially will improve these direct observations.

Jeff McDuffie I just shared a insight that obviously you got issues with,ether a whole town hallucinating or they seen a similar type of objects like in the above picture that is hundreds of years later and it proves to me at least that history has a lot to say about todays sightings. As for what you say about value it may be of no value to you but all i been seeing in this group is balloons with extremely obvious strings and balloons that have been tied and twisted together like at a kids party i seen a guy doing it a chucky cheeses as a kid but in these helium is used and at high altitude can look alittle strange and lets not forget camera tricks with cheap cgi to make them morph i dont know what you think but these are not true UFOs at all or anything thats alive so back to the thing about value i dont see none here.
Jeremy Thomas I had said it many times already: there is a strong correlation between the people that take on faith personal accounts or accounts that happen many years ago and are impossible to verify but at the same time are unable to move beyond their keyboards and do observations of their own, they mention cgi but they really do not have any idea about how that really works, they are a contradiction in themselves. So I will say to you what I will say to anybody: nobody is stopping you from doing observations of your own or simply/ easier move from this group, you really are out of place here.

Jeremy Thomas Any member of this group that had followed conciously the postings of the active observers of this group should be aware that there is really no time at all for "extra processing" of the recordings taken of anomalies, as a matter of fact lots of captures are not posted by lack of time, even more in some cases direct access to raw video files had been provided, so even a mention of "cgi" or "fake" is really out of place and offensive.
But people that relay to the "fake" angle usually do not have any other "way out" for their "cognitive dissonance".

Franny Hudson Whats not to say these paintings and old photos arnt balloon anomalies? If you look for mechanical UFO's you will see it even if the objects alive! as we have seen before here lately with JeremyThomas's capture, people looking for what's not really there. This could easily be a flock of balloon anomalies low down thats all! Its a ocean up there full of life its that simple. We are the first people to use high magnification on the lights in the skies people have called craft for years lol. When the light has been resolved, dont be shocked when it has a tether hanging down. Anyone who's really interested can know the truth first hand! instead they remain arm chair observers and dont realise there the laughing stock of the phenomenon.
Franny Hudson perfect example living beings in the atmosphere at low zoom looks similar to the painting.
Jeremy Thomas Exactly Franny Hudson and listening to the "explanations" offered by mass media is a sure way to get lobotomized.
Jeremy Thomas Some people continue to brink back the recycled myths of Ufology and it is really hard for me to understand that "interest", how can you be more interested in such things that happened long time ago when you can actually watch first hand the real deal??
Franny Hudson It doesn't make sense in my opinion people who say balloons! dont understand most of the time to the naked eye they look like stars moving intelligently. Only with a good magnification will you see the tether and details to these (balloons) Its truly amazing to experience!

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