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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Franny Hudson 24/11 às 10:38 -- Can he estimate the distance of the object?

Footage posted by whotookmymojo of low optical zoom anomalies. He says he can estimate the size using a tree as a reference point, but how can he estimate the distance of the object? I might be wrong.

A comparison of size using a fixed object such as the tree that the craft passes behind, plus newest capture.

Franny Hudson Don't forget this was the person calling out people posting balloon anomailes! little does he know he's recording them aswel! just with no details you have to laugh sometimes even when there laughing back. Will they be using this equipment in a few years? if not will they ever see a UFO again.
Jeremy Thomas Exactly Franny Hudson there is no way to know distances or sizes when what you are seeing are just dots, stars are dots, if we use that argument we will be able to determine stars sizes using a tree as reference ...
Jeremy Thomas But in this case the objects are not single dots, he may do an estimate based in his camera exact optical characteristics and the actual distance to a blocking tree, but that was not done. Again this footage was taken with a digital camera at night, we are seeing that is not really easy to identify an object in a clear day with plenty of light and a LOT of more magnification, can anybody really pretend to be able to identify an object at night relatively far away using a digital camera that is not even poorly good in low light??
Jeremy Thomas We had seen self luminous clusters, any of whotookmymojo could be self luminous clusters or self luminous balloon shaped anomalies. What a surprise to UFO believers to see a melting red/pink balloon shaped object behind their glowing dots, that is simply unacceptable to them.
Jeremy Thomas Nighttime atmospheric observations are completely missleading even more when done with specific expectations and preconceptions. That is part of the BIG myth that UFO believers promote: nighttime UFO activity, when you mention to somebody UFO they automatically think in lights at night.

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