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Monday, February 8, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- The pressing need for using higher magnification optics.

The pressing need for using higher magnification optics.

It should be clear to anyone following the video captures of this group's members that anomalies are usually small and/or flying very high, that is why they usually are not easily seen by naked eye.

This automatically implies that the use of very high optical magnification equipment is strongly recomended.

The camcorders have fixed lens systems and the superzoom cameras like the sx50, sx60, p600 and p900 also have fixed lens systems. From all of these cameras the p900 is the one with higher optical magnification and we had seen it falter in some anomalies. With higher magnification more and better details can be seen.

With this I am trying to point to the fact that even when some mass produced consumer cameras are great they will never be good enough for what we need.

This points to the use of cameras with removable lens and the use of telephoto lens, as done by Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla or the use of cameras with small telescopes that is essentially the same. The level of magnification that can be gained that way will be custom selected and never reached by mass produced equipment.

Jeremy Thomas Combining then such high magnification custom equipment with an infrared spotting part will make a dual optical system, for optical atmospheric observations that is the best possible system with current technology.

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