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Sunday, February 28, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- 08/10/2015 -- The Word "Craft".

The Word "Craft".

Craft is a human concept. We can not imagine going to very distant places on our planet or space without the use of some kind of vehicle or craft.
But that is a reflection of our physical/biological limitations and the result of our evolution as a biological organism.
But that is not a necessary condition for other organisms or beings.
Classical Ufology have implicitly placed a limitation in what can be expected, but the observational data available today clearly indicates that anomalies are entities by themselves, that anomalies can be considered as the "fusion" of the craft and it's occupants that the classical ufology was expecting.
We do not need to be hard pressed to find any "crafts", anomalies are more than that.
As humans we tend to use obviously human concepts, but anomalies are pressing us to think outside the box and many times reject old ideas and concepts.

Jeremy Thomas There is a clear gap between what we want to do and what can we actually do physically by ourselves, we had created machines and tools that help us to close that gap, that also is a never ending process. Perhaps we are a freak accident of nature where almost all other organisms only try to do what they can physically do.
David Feola
 What about antonios earliest captures of the saucer? You initially dismissed these didnt you?
Jeremy Thomas I had not "dismissed" any recordings from anybody, Antonio Urzy recordings do not show "mechanical" artifacts, just disc shaped "anomalies", giving an "extra meaning" to that shape is not supported at all for the observational data available, that is just one more shape of the many that anomalies can take. 

The relevance given to that shape is artificial and actually is the result of a misquote to the original Kenneth Arnold report in 1947, the shape of the objects reported by him was "crescent", but since the "media" reported flying saucers shape curiously that was the shape that "UFO hunters" were after that more interested and a modern myth was created by pure media "insertion".

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