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Sunday, February 21, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- A very interesting camera, relatively cheap, easy to install

Foto de perfil de Jeremy Thomas
A very interesting camera, relatively cheap, easy to install and providing 4632x3488 video, that is double resolution compared to 4k resolution, with an small sensor size.

Jeremy Thomas This camera can be used with a telescope or telephot lens. To use it with a telescope a c-mount telescope adapter will be needed and to use it with a telephoto lens a c-mount to t-mount adapter will be needed, this is a usb-based camera that is provided with a viewer/recorder video software that can be installed in any windows pc/laptop with a usb-port, an usb extension cable can increase the distance to the camera upto 15 feet at least.
Jeremy Thomas This is another interesting usb camera providing almost 4k resolution video, I got one of these with a 15 feet usb cable and the last video that I posted about a variable anomaly was taken with this camera, it has a 5.33mm sensor size, using a 2000mm scope that gives 350x optical magnification, I am still testing different configurations to get the best settings for it.

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