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Sunday, February 28, 2016

FRANNY HUDSON -- 19/10/2015 -- Do not ever take anything on faith!

Good logic wink emoticon will have some footage up later hopefully.
Jeremy Thomas Exactly, do not ever take anything on faith.

Jeremy Thomas And what is implicit in this picture, that you can " research" by looking at information publicly available do not apply entirely in our case. The information that we have is not available in any public library, neither in any other place. You have to seek it by yourself by directly observations. But in general I agree with that philosophy.
Jeremy Thomas Sadly for me the sky in Miami had been like this for weeks now, very frustrating:
Jeremy Thomas Finally today I had several captures of mimics, just before sunset when the sky cleared a little bit, I really was missing the anomalies.
Franny Hudson I feel your pain Jeremy Thomas! the weather over here in the UK is the same, cold and cloudy. I also had one brief moment of blue sky and called a mimic, almost straight away! I haven't shared the footage, but will post today probably just leave this one for the group a red flashing mimic with the long thick tether next to a cloud line. Hows the migrating coming alone for better skies?

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