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Sunday, February 14, 2016

JASON BALES: let me say....i really like this group.

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let me say....i really like this group. i like deep thought..and theory on all things. I don't agree with everyone...and it is ok. i believe george adamnski and howard menger.

 I believe in flying saucers...but i havent got to see one yet....but that doesn't matter that i believe this. One thing i am different on...i don't want to change this world..or make others believe. It is in us.....
you can't make anyone else know about things....for is my personal journey. 

i don't do this for anyone. I don't care what others think..i love the sky..and i would do this ...if it was just me and my sky.

 I want to say...when i first saw the object called by saldano...variable...i thought it might be a bag..then after many many sightings and experience...i had to realize it was real. with balloon objects....i am still forming my own opinion. 

The ony thing i can have seen weird balloons appear when im skywatching...and i do feel something is strange. Have you ever thought of this...what if...all of our balloon objects and bag looking objects where just that...balloons and bags....i would still believe our thoughts are bringing them too us....cristian told me one time..intelligent wind....think...this world is alive...what if mother communicating with us !!!! peace my brothers and sisters

Jason Bales im not saying balloon mimics don't exist at all..i am saying...i am still on that journey with myself....and with my nature theory....i mean all those who judge us.....even if....they where all balloons bags...whatever...i think...we are bringing them to our skies.. 
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Jason Bales had a few drinks tonight...hope this is ok...peace bros
Jeremy Thomas That is really great Jason Bales each one of us will see things in different ways and shades that is one reason for this group to exist to share our ideas. Knowledge by definition is social so it must be shared and spread. Beliefs are what makes us tic...Ver mais
Cristian Soldano Thank you so much dear friend Jason 
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for giving these thoughts 
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that allow me to learn from you...Ver mais
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Ronald Ricardo Dear Jason, let everything you ever learned go ! Nature will show us the way !We have a lot of instruments to measure these Anomalies we will get there.

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