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Sunday, February 28, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- 14/10/2015 -- Manual object tracking in camcorders/cameras with high optical zoom

Manual object tracking in camcorders/cameras with high optical zoom
Posted originally on 03/20/14

If the camcorder that is used have an eyepiece viewfinder that is one of the best options. Now if the camcorder used only have that little screen viewfinder on one side, that is really of not much use in a clear day under the sun when tracking an small object in the sky.
There are several options available to improve that situation:

1- You can use the standard video or HDMI output from the camcorder and connect a small monitor to it, that will give you a better view

of the camcorder FOV, if you place that monitor inside of an enclosure with its walls painted black that will improve even more contrast.

2- Using the video output with the camcorder you can connect that to a small video eyepieceviewfinder that you can build out of an old

camcorder like in here:, or buy one from ebay like this one:…/Personal-Video-Viewer-52…/160995670139. Even if your camcorder have an eyepiece viewfinderthis option is still good for that because it allow you to have a certain distance from your camcorder sometimes having your eye glued to your camcorder is not very comfortable and may limit the freedom of movement from the camcorder.

3- You can attach a small finder scope to your camcorder, like it is done in a telescope, like this one on Ebay:…/Meade-5x24mm-5x24-crossh…/231182971986, then align the camcorder FOV and the finder scope view and center them, that way any object placed in the finder scope center will be in your camcorder field of view, you can record it then with confidence.

Jeremy Thomas I posted this originally at unfonv from where I am banned now, the "usual" action in almost all UFO sites or FB groups in the net:

Mike MacDonald Why on Earth or above it, would they Ban you??? You have solid repeatable evidence that the whole bloody World should be researching !
Jeremy Thomas Mike MacDonald I had been banned from many UFO sites, the reason is simple: people do not want to know things contradicting their beliefs, they do not want to hear anything about that, UFO believers are first in line on that, but "science types" are not far behind , I also was banned from ScienceForums, exactly the same mentality. We all in some way have that resistance to new perspectives, that reaction is not different to the one that almost anyone will have when entering in his/her room and finding out that all the personal stuff had been rearranged. It is a deep psychological conditioning against change. Of course serious scientific studies should not be affected by that, but in reality everything is affected by that.

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