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Sunday, February 21, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- Direct Communication with UFOs/Anomalies.

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Direct Communication with UFOs/Anomalies.

Delusion is to ignore reality, who is doing that here?
My claims are based in years of observing anomalies directly, anomalies are being documented worldwide, but your claim is based in assumptions and preconceptions of reality.
Anybody at any location on earth with a clear sky in daylight will be able to observe anomalies with just a little effort, but some people are in denial and will do nothing but instead they will try very hard to block any ideas or facts that will take them out of their comfort zone.

Franny Hudson Very true even mentioning how easy anomalies can be observed, by just using a mirror. They laugh and say you need help! without even trying the technique, it really is pathetic how closed minded most people are. It's no surprise the predicament we find ourselves in. Never mind taking about using a telepathic message. DABOXASH keeps following people around who record balloon anomailes, saying there the the laughing stock of the UFO community! LoL how wrong he is.
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Jeremy Thomas The public forums of Ufology had been hickjacked by narrow minded individuals: the "nuts and bolts UFO/ET believers/fanatics".

But in spite of that real Ufology had been done during these years, since Trevor J. Constable in the 1950's, he was the first one to document anomalies by direct observations, many more had followed but they usually were ignored by the "mainstream Ufologists": people that never did any direct observations and wanted to continue the perpetuation of the myths.

Many of these Ufologists just wanted to continue "milking the cow": yes for some Ufology is a business and the perpetuation of the myths is a guarantee for their business success: the books recycling the same things/myths, the conferences, the so called "UFO hot spots"; another myth because anomalies can be observed in any location on earth with clear skies. 

So anything that place in danger that multimillion dollars business must be suppressed, "truth, objectivity" are just buzzwords that will be used by these people but their meaning had been "morphed" to be used in their business interests.

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