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Sunday, February 28, 2016

FRANNY HUDSON -- 09/10/2015 -- Vertical Anomaly Drops Orbs on Mexico City!!!

 Found this cool sighting of a ebani dropping orbs still some people saying balloons amazing.

A MUST SEE!!! PLEASE SHARE!!! A daytime vertical, metallic, cylinder UFO was captured DROPPING ORBS over the skies of Mexico City, Mexico on…
Jeremy Thomas Great footage, thanks for the share Franny Hudson
But still the poster was using the "metallic" keyword to attract "believers". If images of microorganisms are posted people will say many idiotic things, even balloons in some cases. Listening to their opinions is really a waste of time in the same way that microbiologists will never consider the opinions of people in general for what they do only the opinions of specialists in the same field as them.
Jeremy Thomas In a very concrete sense we are "specialists" in this area and we should only care for the opinions of specialists in the same field. Classical ufologists are far from being specialists in this field, even less a casual viewer of videos in YouTube.

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