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Sunday, February 28, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- 08/10/2015 -- The Failure of Modern Academic Thinking.

The Failure of Modern Academic Thinking.

The reality of anomalies and all its implications is arguably the biggest revelation in human history.
But after more than 50 years of clear indications of this reality academia/scientific community continues to ignore/dismiss and many times actively deny the reality of anomalies.
This is not a unique instance in the history of science where Official Science denied or ignored the reality of new facts or ideas, far from it, many times the so called "scientific community" had been behind on new developments, they are not always in the "cutting edge" of knowledge as they try to paint themselves, many times is far from it.
Related to this is the suppression of new ideas in scientific circles, the "herd mentality" is deeply rooted in academia and that lead to the rejection of ideas that are not socially accepted. The suppression of new ideas in academic circles is not as rare as they also try to picture. A quick search in the literature will reveal that this had been documented multiple times.
Reductionism is deeply rooted in modern scientific thinking, the widely use of parsimony: the "principle" that a reduced set of properties/axioms can be used to "explain" reality. That is the result of emulating the "success" of that approach in Mathematics. Sometimes we see the extreme of that reductionist approach in the search for a "theory of everything". But even in Mathematics that approach had been proved to have intrinsic limitations with the Godel's incompleteness theorems.
This reductionist mentality lead to complacency because it assumes that almost all new phenomena can be explained/reduced to known manifestations even more in phenomena that can look at first sight as a normal occurrence, the tendency to dismiss such occurences as mundane is everywhere.
But the reality of anomalies, that can be verified by anyone by direct observations, clearly shows the colossal failure of modern academic thinking. That failure is even more stressed by the fact that the reality of anomalies was revealed and continue to be documented by people with no academic ties and people in academia, showing clear intellectual cowardice, still shamelessly are unable to touch the topic.

Kevin Nieliwocki Can I copy this and post it to my wall if I quote you?

Your group has given me the confidence to begin posting my videos on my Facebook, with blatant disregard for the conditioning we have been subject to throughout our upbringing. I'm not yet sure how my ideas and beliefs will be received by my friends and family and an articulate explanation of societies inability to acknowledge things they can't explain could be a helpful tool. I also think I'll post something I wrote to Grant from your group, about how I became interested in these anomalies.
I completely agree with your point of view here by the way !!! Nice one

Jeremy Thomas Yes of course, ideas are for sharing.
Jeremy Thomas You should really be proud of your awareness, you are ahead of the self proclaimed brightest minds on our planet.
Kevin Nieliwocki I like the part about their inability to perceive other aspects of reality.... I think the observations of this period of my life actually have helped me to understand other abilities I potentiality possess. Abilities that I was unsure were real, or at times would go along with society In feeling I must have been clinically insane to think were possible.

There is a lot that is possible!!' It is not always important to dissect or try an understand what you are experiencing but, to feel

Kevin Nieliwocki Whoops didn't finish.........

rather to feel at ease and confident in that experience is what's really important !!!

Kevin Nieliwocki Sorry to go off subject..... 

I actually like the way you summed up things and will go with your commentary to post! The stuff about the 1950's, yeah we're still there in so many ways!

Jeremy Thomas Interesting article in The Economist on how Science can go wrong:

A SIMPLE idea underpins science: “trust, but verify”. Results should always be subject to challenge from…
Jeremy Thomas This is another website that explore the negative aspects of the sociology of organized science:

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