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Sunday, February 28, 2016

FRANNY HUDSON -- 10/10/2015 -- Whipps Cross Multiple UFO Sightings London 25 05 2014

How to Summon Anomalies

Amazing Footage Of The Best Anomalies Of 2014
Franny Hudson I will also upload the raw footage some time today hopefully.
Andrew Chingford Nice catch. Here's one I caught here in London,watch from 1:00 Is this the same object?
Franny Hudson Hi Andrew Chingford yes I have seen your footage of this anomaly before, great catch! seems to be one morph seen across the globe also.
Andrew Chingford I watched your vid and got goose pimples plus this massive rsh all over my body. I just can't explain the feeling when you see confirmation of what you have captured by someone else. excellent work there Mr.
Andrew Chingford I think they are one and the same object or probably one of many that came off the same assembly line 
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Andrew Chingford Our flying hula hoop certainly gets around! 
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Andrew Chingford I captured mine in May 2014 when exactly was yours captured and at what distance was it in the sky?
Franny Hudson Thats great Andrew Chingford I caught the same one last year! also did the gang from L.A. Yes there seems to be certain morphs, anomalies use this one being one of them. This one was called yesterday outside my house, its hard for me to say the distance! its fairly far away, but close to my location right infront of my calling spot for almost 20 mins I will upload the footage 
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Andrew Chingford cool. You got a great shot of it. Mine was way up there as you can gather from the video. It was nice to see it up close and personal in your vid. Amazing stuff!
Andrew Chingford And the last object in your video sequence seems to have some sort of indentation which looks a bit like a face. It might be something else but looks uncanny nevertheless 
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Franny Hudson Thanks Andrew Chingford the v550 it a great camcorder for optical zoom, also then with digital zoom applied to get these critters up close. Yes I also noticed theres a strange face! That one stuck around for some time pulsating with that amazing energy, am sure you have seen it before.
Andrew Chingford  I must admit I've not been inclined to buy and use a camcorder in the past, but I think I will have to get this, looks small and compact and I'll be more inclined to take that everywhere I go as it would easily fit into my rucksack. i can with my pannies but I just don't take them out everywhere as I should. Also I've not been that keen looking out for these things lately. maybe I've had a ufo spotting burnout syndrome 
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Franny Hudson Thats what I love about the camcorder, easy to just have in your bag while out and about ready for sightings! Just with a small monopod to keep it stable also its a great set up for getting details. Hope you get the bug back! its litrally waiting for you outside your door to be seen ! 
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Andrew Chingford I just noticed your other post of the same object captured by someone else. This is amazing?
Andrew Chingford Did you speak to the person who captured that? Any idea where it was captured, no info on YT video unfortunately
Andrew Chingford Maybe it was a repost of someone else s vid.
Rob Freeman Franny .. the last anomaly on your vid looks like a face at certain points in it's rotation.

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