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Sunday, February 28, 2016

FRANNY HUDSON -- a small orb like object another Ebani with a small orb like object seems to be a common occurrence with this type of morph.
Entidad Luminosa en aproximación con un EBANI, Video introductório a la teoría del cosmobionte. Biol. Ricardo Rangel Martínez
Jeremy Thomas Great share Franny Hudson. It is amazing the amount of really good video evidence around this phenomenon and still mainstream science is blind to it, then scientists self proclaim themselves to be on the "cutting-edge" of knowledge, more and more we realize that each single human group live inside of their very own "reality" that does not necessarily is the same as the observable reality. This really have been an eye-opener/revelation to me and a big disappointment in regards to my previous views about scientists.
Franny Hudson Yes Jeremy Thomas I just did some simple searches of people witnessing the same phenomenon! The evidence is overwhelming, am one person finding all these people. imagine how many people we might actually be missing out! Yet there's no investigations, really is a shame but hopefully we can achieve more.

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