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Sunday, February 14, 2016

FRANNY HUDSON -- Does anyone think this is genuine? Footage posted by thirdphaseofmoon of flying discs! does anyone think this is genuine? I believe its without a doubt CGI. But people will argue this is a real sighting, whats your opinions. I can send the actual footage from the persons channel he's certain he recorded this footage! Looks like its had 5mm effect added to the video.
Neighborhood Witness! Anti Gravity UFO Display OVER Maryland!? [CRAZY UFO FOOTAGE] 2015…
Franny Hudson Here's the guys channel with the vidoes of this capture.
check out this mad-boy! : ) sun was really low and bright that day, blinding. they…
Can u believe some ass claimed these were supposed to be frisbees?…
I'd been concentrating so hard keeping the camera steady, picking a target and…
Jeremy Thomas The ultimate "validation" for what we do is: consistent and recurrent observational data across multiple independent observers. The active observers of anomalies around the world, we have a few in this group, are possibly the people more aware of what is moving in the sky, if there is something real in the sky they will spott it sooner or latter, that is the ultimate validation for footage like this one.

Jeremy Thomas Also that criteria will weed out fakes or invalid interpretations.

Jeremy Thomas That is the kind of footage that "believers" want to see and thirdphaseofmoon exploit that shamelessly.

Jason Bales Franny...the man that showed me how to skywatch..years ago...he filmed disk in the was one clear fall day....the footage was amazing...but his disk....looked like antonio urzi and adamski footage....they were fast and moved more like birds...

Jason Bales and also...the angel hair was falling while they were flying and hanging in the trees

Franny Hudson Yes your totally right 

Jeremy Thomas I have seen Antonio's footage of a disc shaped anomaly, but they didn't move like this! Hopefully one of guys will catch this one day, after seeing anomailes I have completely dismissed discs. Really 

Jason Bales that's strange did he have footage? Be cool to see have you seen them before Jason maybe there rare to see.

Jeremy Thomas  Disc shaped anomalies are real, there is no question about that, I had recorded a few of them, but again that is an anomaly shape like any other, giving to that shape an extra "meaning" is not supported at all for the observational data available. 

For some people that is the only and "true" UFO/anomaly anything else is meaningless, clearly that is not a very objective approach, even more with all recording done by active observers.

 People with that approach or supporting that approach are missing everything else and the real possibility that the "simple" anomalies that we are observing are intelligent beings in themselves, we have seen an indication of that with the morphing digit anomalies.

Jeffrey Harrison ThirdPhaseofMoon keeps on publishing click-bait stuff like this for ad revenue hits. It's clearly CGI. Why would anyone put a celluloid filter over digital film - if not to reduce the quality and hide the imperfections.
Jay Lee I'm always a little leary of non-phone video that doesn't zoom to max. I suspect the reason is it takes 10X more time to correctly CGI a zooming video. It is just not normal not to zoom in on UFOs.

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