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Sunday, February 28, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- 15/10/2015 -- Polymorphic anomaly recorded by Jeff Woolwine in 2005

Jeremy Thomas
Polymorphic anomaly recorded by Jeff Woolwine in 2005, his channel have some interesting ideas about native American Indians representing anomalies in petroglyphs:
Solidaevidencia Archivos Se mantuvo bastante tiempo eso en el aire.. Muy interesante..Ver tradução
Franny Hudson LoL the audio is hilarious.
Jeremy Thomas In his about page he said:

He believes that many of the UFO's seen over Phoenix are actually other life forms unknown to us...

Franny Hudson Worth seeing if he's still around? try see if he's interested joining the group.
Jeremy Thomas Now I remembered that I saw him in a UFO documentary where he showed the petroglyphs, but I cannot remember exactly the documentary title or reference.
Jeremy Thomas Franny Hudson I just sent him a pm via YT.
Jeremy Thomas But definitely he captured very compelling footage of anomalies.
John Graf That was a great capture.

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