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Sunday, February 14, 2016

JASON BALES -- Tethered dual spheres/balloon anomalies.

Foto de perfil de Jason Bales
Jeremy Thomas Tethered dual spheres/balloon anomalies, they are really a "classic", great capture, again consistent and recurrent observational data from independent observers all around the world.

Jeremy Thomas The sphere is an ever present shape in the living world and the inanimate world. It has mathematically a mini/Max property: From all solids with a fixed volume the sphere is the solid with minimal surface, and now from all solids with a fixed surface the sphere is the one with maximal volume.

Jeremy Thomas If you understand Spanish a little this footage is strongly recommended from the Mexican biologist Ricardo Rangel:

Jason Bales I filmed this with my new camera set up. I saw Antonio Urzi using a camcorder like this...and i liked the way it looked. It is sony G lens..30x optical..but it goes to 60x clear image zoom..a new thing they have...where it doesnt just magnifly the does something else. using a 2.6 telephoto sony lens....i think it is a clear image.

David Feola
 Would I be wrong in speculating that these could actually be balloons? Orange and grey even connected with string?

Jason Bales Yes David...i just saw them..where i have seen variables fly this year...i thought they looked testing new camera...and i always want people on here to tell me why.....they are ...or not....learning and filming everything..that is what i am doing...

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