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Sunday, February 14, 2016

LUPYLLO LEDEZMA -- 5 silver Stars forming like one big star.

Foto de perfil de Lupyllo Ledezma
this is a video fron 9/26/2015 saturday in the LA Meetup Summoners in los angeles ca usa!~?/

this anomali i recorded with the La Meetup summoners from los angeles ca on 9/27 2015
Jeremy Thomas Great capture Lupyllo Ledezma. I think that the stabilization software that you are using is actually doing the opposite of stabilization. Thanks for sharing.
Franny Hudson Lupyllo Ledezma have you got after effects bro? Your best bet is downloading the old one it works great. But motion tracking can take a while, I only use it for special sightings only people like us will appreciate this anyways Emoji wink
John Graf That was a crazy one..good catch.
Patrick Ryan Franny Hudson Does after effects require a monthly fee? I'm looking for some image stabilization software. After effects my best bet?

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