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Sunday, February 21, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- The hypocrisy of blacklisting channels.

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The hypocrisy of blacklisting channels.

It appears that for some people, including whotookmymojo and Scott Browne for example , there is a need of policing the purity of channels that are related to the UFO topic that is why they support or had created lists of "bad" UFO channels.

Blacklisting channels is censure pure and simple, it is a form of suppression and something that can backfire easily into anybody that support or create such lists. How can you guarantee that your channel is not going to be added to such list? How can you guarantee that some people do not use these lists to coverly target specific channels by some obscure reasons? How can you guarantee that valid information is not receiving the coveraged that it needs because you suppressed the source?

In whotookmymojo last video he specifically endorsed "UFO theater" channel, this channel keeps a website with a list of blacklisted channels, in that list the channels of budgetmoon and Fausto Perez are included, two active and valuable observers are being suppressed right there and that suppression is being endorsed by whotookmymojo.

Jeremy Thomas And the hypocrisy of the people behind a channel like "UFO theater" is crystal clear seeing the channels that they had targeted: channels with very high traffic, they unshamefuly are exploiting the traffic and name recognition of the channels that they had targeted, the channels with very low traffic will be "safe" from their attacks because these people are driven by a clear business interest not by a goal of seeking any truth, people seeking the truth do not waste time creating a debunking channel they do what active observers do, what summoners do.

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