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Sunday, February 21, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- The reality of Polymorphyc/morphing Anomalies/UFOs and its implications.

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The reality of Polymorphyc/morphing Anomalies/UFOs and its implications.

The reality of polymorphic, morphing, dynamic geometry anomalous flying objects had been known since the 1940’s, see Meade Layne publications of that time for example.

But the so called Ufologists had been trying very hard to push for a rigid vision of these manifestations, for them mechanical rigid artifacts are the “real UFOs", that rigid vision had been inserted/conditioned in a whole army of UFO believers, their narrow mindeness get revealed in their continous hostility to summoners and their suppression of the reality of anomalies.

Almost all our concepts of reality are based explicitly or implicity in the constancy of this reality, not surprising claims of objects with dynamic geometry challenge our more deeply rooted conceptions and the reaction to these claims are mostly irrational.

But there is really an overwhelming amount of consistent footage showing the reality of anomalous objects with dynamic geometry, this very fact have dramatic implications: since objects can have variable geometry then the particular shape that they may have in a particular instant is really irrelevant, also not particular shape is more relevant than any other.

This implies inmediately that the relevance given socially to “flying saucers” is artificial. To determine if an object is anomalous more detailed analysis is needed beyond the general shape that the given object may have.

Jeremy Thomas Jeremy Thomas The reality of polymorphic anomalies and in particular the ones that take balloon shapes shows one more time that the opinion of the "majority" is almost always wrong, the self censure of many Ufologists trying to hide the reality of these objects is nothing more that intellectual cowardice, being affraid of the reactions coming from the ignorants and narrow-minded people is not a good reason to hide reality. Still today many are affraid of posting balloon shaped anomalous objects because that will trigger irrational and hostile reactions from closeminded individuals, but these reactions are a necessary evil in this endeavor and a very good opportunity to uncover the real narrow-mindeness of many people.
Rob Freeman Welcome back to the site Jeremy .. it's great to see your comments here & look forward to your critical eye, insights & observations 
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Eric Erasmo Rendon Yes welcome back Jeremy Thomas 💫 .....
Jeremy Thomas It is good to be in the "Summoners's group" because in a very concrete sense I am also a summoner, that is why any attack on summoners is personal to me, old school nighttime observers do not lose any opportunity to show their hostility towards summoners, the comments in whotookmymojo last video are a clear example of that, whotookmymojo appears once more time to side with that position:

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