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Sunday, February 21, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- It is very easy to fool humans.

It is very easy to fool humans.

If there where any mechanical artifacts out there of no human origen, then these artifacts will be pretty safe from being uncovered just by placing something that may look like a tether below them.

It will not matter what the top part will do: glow, change shape, release other objects/drones, etc. By that simple "trick" they will be forever safe from being uncovered by human observers.

Even if some human observers discover them, the camouflage still will be effective because these humans that had uncovered them will be dismissed by almost all other humans, for almost all humans these artifacts, by the mere trick of attaching something similar to a tether below them, will be balloons.

It will not be difficult for such artifacts to discover how easy is to fool humans.

Are there any "crazy" reports of UFOs that looks like balloons? It will not matter if these reports exist we "know" that such reports can be dismissed out of hand, we are too "clever" to be fooled by "balloons".

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ― Mark Twain.
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Jay Lee It's a lifetime of indoctrination and conditioning. It's very psychological Check out:
Jeremy Thomas Comment with heavy irony:

For example this object looks like a vertical undulating line moving autonomously, we can consider it like a "tether", it does not matter that we can not see its "top" part, this will be a "balloon" too:

Or this one that looks like a plasma-like object moving automously, it does not matter in this case that no "tether" is seen, that will be a balloon too:

We can not be fooled, we "know" that if the object under consideration is not "metallic-looking", of a disc shape preferably and it does not make some very fast maneuverings then very likely it will be a balloon.
Luisa Vasconcellos Dear Jeremy,

Is it possible that you read this news and as you have the Know-How and the right instruments, can you kindly confirm if it is still there or if this video is a hoax??
Luisa Vasconcellos I will try to send the ssame through your channel. Facebook for me
Luisa Vasconcellos is something strange
Jeremy Thomas Irony again:

If these artifacts exist and are using this kind of camouflage, hypothetically, then they will be very hard to spot even close to populated areas, as a matter of fact the closer they are to populated areas using this "tether camouflage"the "safer" they will be from detection obviously because close to populated areas balloons are more likely to be spotted.

If the camouflage is perfect then they will be impossible to detect, but if that camouflage is not perfect then a careful analysis will uncover them, there are multiple examples of the use of camouflage on earth's living beings and the fact that we can point to that reality is because the camouflage used for these living beings never is perfect, they can be uncovered by other living beings paying attention.

But we, UFO believers and debunkers are the cleverest people on this planet and we know it all, we really are paying attention and we are not aware of any artifacts or anything doing things like that, we would know it on the spot.

So do not worry this is just theorizing and that Mark Twain quote is very nice but it is just that: a quote.
Jeremy Thomas You are "invited" to join the discussion at reddit by using some direct, indirect or ironic arguments too:

If there where any mechanical artifacts out there of no human origen, then these artifacts will be pretty safe…
Jeremy Thomas Luisa Vasconcellos it is not a hoax, but it is a misleading "news" and one that add to the vast array of myths pervading the "UFO world", the image or shape pointed in the video is nothing anomalous in the sun's corona, the sun have very strong magnetic fields and this very strong magnetic field will make some sun's protuberances to bend back to the sun surface as the following picture shows. is known for stealing people's videos and make unsupported claims, but they are not alone in that department, almost all UFO sites on the net are recycling the same garbage over and over. 

You may think that people will know that but their influence and effectivity in misinforming and brainwashing is really unsurpassed by anybody else.
Jeremy Thomas That expanded to this:

Almost all UFO sites on the net are recycling the same garbage over and over, you may think that people will know that but for people that are frequent visitors in these sites that is their "world", they are inside the forest and they only will be able to see the trees. 

It will be impossible for them to know that they are trapped in a maze. Fish do not know that they are wet.

The influence and effectivity of these sites in misinforming and brainwashing is really unsurpassed by anybody else, ironically they are an intrinsic part of the "problem".

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