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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Jeremy Thomas Sometimes is really hard to make a "call". The third one have some indicators like its tether appears to be heavy and thick, the digit one was tumbling almost normally but not exactly and it showed high reflectivity, the first one was not showing clear signs of self organization.
Franny Hudson Yes Jeremy Thomas sometimes its difficult the first one, the cluster had a strange tether. It also triggered the other sightings, the digit like you said didnt display any signs at first, but once it was at a distance the last anomaly was tracked. The single one with the thick tether and slight flaring it can become impossible sometimes so I just leave them alone.
Franny Hudson But normal mundane balloons can quickly turn into something else! thats why I always track every object.
Jeremy Thomas Yes Franny Hudson J. K. Rowling really do not know that some of her Harry Potter magic tricks can actually happen in real life with anomalies.

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