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Sunday, February 21, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- I want to share this last video from Jay Lee

I want to share this last video from Jay Lee, I did a quick search and it had not been shared before here, this is a very well done footage, I have some observations about it that I will post as comments:

Solidaevidencia Archivos This video is spectacular. He has analyzed every detail on sightings balloon type, and those that are transformed morphological. explain in detail how to camouflage, and for me this video is a cornerstone for research. Thank you so much for sharing this material Jeremy Jay and read by putting together the video with another member who edit.
Jeremy Thomas I want to mention two details: 

1- Anomalies manifestations "could" be biological or "mechanical", I prefer to say "constructs" because "mechanical" is very human centric, now what they really "are" is really an unknown, that is why we should not limit ourselves only to these two possibilities, there could be more that we had not even imagined or that our limited knowledge or understanding allow us to consider. Some anomalies manifestations could be natural phenomena, others could be misidentifications of mundane objects, but again there could be more and that will be very likely the case considering the complexity of anomalies manifestations, some anomalies could be plasma-based or electromagnetic based Life, some could even be quantum manifestations in the macro world, etc. 

2- There is still a deep misunderstanding on the role of infrared, infrared is used for detection nothing more, in principle if you point a telescope to the sky in daylight with focus set to cloud level or beyond sooner or later anomalies will be spotted, but that will be a very inefficient way to seek anomalies simply because telescopes in general have a very small field of view. Using infrared spotting is just a way to make this seeking more effective. The fact that many stars and planets can be spotted in IR in daylight but not with naked eye is an empirical fact showing that there is no cloaking involved here. I had never seen anything in anomalies justifying the use of that term: cloaking. 

From my point of view is very important that people making daylight observations should know basic atmospheric physics like the sky scattering of visible light in daylight and the reason why infrared spotting is very effective. This little details will make our presentations of facts more scientific and solid hopefully bringing to this topic the needed attention of professional scientists with all their resources.

But obviously besides these details this is a great video.

Solidaevidencia Archivos it's true what you say about these objects Jeremy as can be and how they behave.

I often think that they can be nanotechnology, biologically could manipulate atoms, cells and more. They take a big step forward in technology, and the material objects are presented according to some light rays, more reflective and make us see a shiny metal that really is not .. but if the sun does not give strong , may be striking details on various objects, and therefore never finished determine as they are or they do ...

Solidaevidencia Archivos es cierto lo que vos decis Jeremy sobre estos objetos como pueden ser y como se comportan.

muchas veces pienso que pueden ser nanotecnologicos, podrian manipular biologicamente atomos, celulas y mas cosas. llevan un avance muy grande en la tecnologia, y el material que presentan algunos objetos son segun los rayos de luz, mas reflectivos y nos hacen ver una especie de metal brillante que en realidad no es.. pero si el sol no le da muy fuerte, pueden verse detalles llamativos en varios objetos, y por eso nunca terminamos de determinar como son o que hacen...
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Jeremy Thomas If plasma based Life is a reality, and many recent scientific studies point into that direction, that Life will be as old as the Universe itself, life on earth is very young compared to the Universe age, then the level of diversification, evolutive paths, etc in that type of Life will be impossible for us to imagine, even Life on earth or in any other place could be a by product or ramification of that old plasma based Life and the recent scientific results point too into that direction.

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