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Sunday, February 21, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- Seeing the irrational reactions coming from people in the reddit ...

Seeing the irrational reactions coming from people in the reddit post only confirm what it claimed.

Also seeing how rare is to find people aware of the reality of anomalies makes this small group and any other person aware of that very special and without any doubt way ahead of the curve.
It appears that just very selected ones for some "accidents" in their life paths had come accross this extraordinary reality, it is very likely that the percolation of the reality of anomalies to mainstream knowledge will take very long.
I want to send my respect to people that are promoting this truth via summoning events and similar or in any other way, nobody else is doing or will do what they are doing and many times what they receive in return is the hostility of many.
In particular I want to send my respect to Robert Bingham and Fausto Perez.

Robert Bingham Thank you Franny Hudson,yes I am on a mission to spread this incredible discovery around the globe that was my aim when I started this whole thing called Summoning, my first event almost 4 years ago ,I began the event by stating that I was now going to summon the Angels ,and I would like to state for the record that Faust learned from my instructions contrary to what he states, when will people learn that you cannot lie to the terrestrial s and people.
GostoResponder228/1 às 0:27
Robert Bingham Correction Jeremy Thomas I would like to Thank you
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