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Sunday, February 28, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- 20/10/2015 -- Anomalies Are a Natural State of Reality

Anomalies Are a Natural State of Reality

The reductionist mentality lead to complacency because it assumes that almost any aspect of reality is "explainable/reducible" to known properties, which is in principle a flawed approach as we had shown before.
Even when this reductionist approach had worked very well when concentrating in very specific aspects of reality as in elementary particle physics, we should be aware that "emergent/anomalous" properties will be present in any aspect of reality, properties that are not explainable/reducible to previously known properties, these "anomalies" are intrinsic part of reality and our "philosophy" of reality should consider that as "normal" not as "anomalies".
Complacency should not have any space in science. But today's Science is the home of complacency.

Jeremy Thomas This also implies that direct observation of reality will always be the ultimate tool of discovery, even when theoretical predictions are important they are intrinsically limited only direct observation of reality can provide a more direct knowledge of reality because always there are going to be "emergent" properties that can not be predicted, only by direct observation of reality these emergent properties can be known.

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