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Monday, February 8, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS: General Policy of This Group

I want to stress that the "general policy" in this group is based in giving absolute relevancy and priority to Consistent Observational Data and everything around that, like instruments to better get that data, new instruments ideas or methods to improve existing ones. Methods to improve observational sessions effectiveness like how to observe better anomalies, different ways to "call" them, etc. 

And of course ideas, theories based in this observational data, keeping speculation to a minimum an also keeping to a minimum the "classical" topics in Ufology.

Patrick Ryan You can delete my posts if you want Jeremy. No worries.

Jeremy Thomas Patrick Ryan we usually do not delete posts in this group. I posted this as a remainder of our general goal. I know that sometimes is very hard to keep track of what is "observable" from what is not.

Patrick Ryan That's cool. From now on I'll just post what I video and photograph. Just thought my experience would be of interest to the group. 

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