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Sunday, February 14, 2016

JEFFREY HARRISON -- The Rising Anomaly.

Bonjour. An interesting day summoning. I've spoken on here before about a phenomena that I have observed, which i've called, the 'Rising Anomaly'. 

It basically consists of a VTE/UFO rising up from the ground from close proximity to where i'm standing. 

I've never been able to capture one until today. Well, a brief few seconds of one anyway. It took off high into the sky and then circled my house for about half an hour before disappearing.

I've experienced this phenomenon several times before - sometimes when summoning and other times not - which I call a 'Rising Anomaly'. It…


David Aldridge Thought about you when I saw the beautiful clear skies this morning!
Jeffrey Harrison Yes, we've been pretty lucky. And it's going to be sunny all next week
Emoji smile

David Feola Brilliant sighting Emoji grin
 id be pretty excited after that !!

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