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Sunday, February 14, 2016

DAVID FEOLA -- Another anomaly captured today within seconds of walking outside

Another anomaly captured today within seconds of walking outside, this one very high up despite appearing within throw's reach through the IR spotter. Through the spotter the object was large, distinctly rounded and also had a tether- i was convinced this object was a balloon. However when resolved through the scope the object started blinking in and out in a consistent mode, i was surprised that the IR spotter did not detect this blinking. Now i remember Jeremy Thomas had uploaded a blinking/flashing anomaly some time ago, i would appreciate a link to this please. I am certain that this blinking was NOT caused by the deflection of the sun's rays. I am currently reinstalling sony sw and reviewing the footage and will upload asap. Thank you.
Jeremy Thomas You can watch the footage Anomalies Zoo:

This footage shows short segments of the different anomaly types that I had…
Jeremy Thomas The cyclical glowing of anomalies in IR is a giveaway, that cyclical glowing usually correlate to cyclical geometric transformations that can be appreciated by the "resolver" in high optical magnification.
Jeremy Thomas This one also responded to direct light signals, its glowing in IR is very clear:

David Feola
 Unfortunately these are not the videos that I was referring to. It may have been somebody else's uploads. Thanks for the links just the same. Very informative as usual Emoji smile

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