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Monday, February 8, 2016

Jeremy Thomas:My comment in last Lou video.

My comment in last Lou video:
When you say that these are satellites the implicit assumption is that "you know that these objects are in space", how?? There is no way to estimate distances from a single point of view. There is no way to differentiate two objects moving at a no relative high altitude and two satellites using your equipment, that is an intrinsic limitation of using low optical magnification equipment.

Franny Hudson there's a clear example of not knowing if there birds bugs or ufos lol.
Jeremy Thomas Let me say that when I started Lou channel was a great inspiration along colourufo and Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla, I had mentioned already that a dual optical system is a mix of colourufo method with Antonio Urzy method, but Lou is literally "stuck" using the same tools for years and many people just follow exactly the same path, we had seen that here in our group.

Jeremy Thomas And the main "reason" for that appears to be the "success" of that procedure in terms of popularity with UFO believers, once that "success" is reached it appears that all motivation to move ahead ceased to exist.

Jeremy Thomas Many people use "popularity" as a "gauge" to measure "success", that could be the case in the entertainment business but definitely not in anomalies studies.

Jeremy Thomas Some active observers after reaching a certain "stability" using a given equipment stop completely any efforts to improve their equipment. Any given equipment has limitations by definition, these limitations will provide a limited view of reality hence leading to have a limited view of reality if only relaying in limited instruments. The efforts of always looking for better ways to observe reality should be always present in active observers of reality.

Jeremy Thomas On the other hand for some people is really hard to cope with all hostility generated from releasing anomalies footage, coming mainly from hardcore UFO believers, Anthony Woods could be an example of that.

Solidaevidencia Archivos es muy bueno el efecto que tiene el night shoot colorido que usa ufolou, pero no se entiende nunca qué clase de objeto esta filmando porque nunca uso zoom para verificar nada
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Solidaevidencia Archivos si utilizara zoom o si persiguiera un objeto.... seria mejor ver que hace en el cielo

Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos it had been proved already by numeric estimates and practical tests that the equipment used by Lou is really useless if it is used alone as Lou use it, but as was mentioned that appears to be irrelevant because UFO believers "love" that kind of footage as that footage can be interpreted as your imagination lead you to believe. The footage in this post very likely contains multiple pair of birds as birds like to fly in pairs.

Jeremy Thomas Bats also will fly that way, I had observed bats in night vision equipment and their "maneuvering capabilities" will lead many to say that their flying pattern was "intelligently controlled", in reality there is no way to know or differentiate an autonomous flying pattern from an "intelligent" flying pattern. The idea(wrong idea) of intelligent flying patterns was introduced as many others wrong ideas by the classical ufologists.

Solidaevidencia Archivos no se puede estar en la cabeza de cada uno tampoco.. pero cada uno hace lo que puede tambien, eso es entendible.. creo que todos queremos filmar lo que no sea de este mundo, y a veces algo se nos escapa de la mano.. y muchas veces varios queremos ser ufologos a toda costa o a la fuerza..

Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos you are a real ufologist/ufologo because you had done what many self titled ufologists never had done: systematic observations.

Solidaevidencia Archivos if we rely on that Jeremy, I think I'm already last in the list, because all of you, you, and Cristian Soldano, have thousands of observations and film more than me right now.
Jeremy Thomas Well "quantity" is not identical to "quality". I was referring to the fact that you had observed consistently, the number of observations on record is really not a good measure of how good your observations had been.

Solidaevidencia Archivos Thank you very much for detail .. jeremy had not thought of that .. I'm used to this, and always want to expose as much detail as to who looks, he realizes that not talking about some land and can remove the most possible doubts. You know there are thousands of people trying to discredit the expensive work that leads to all this work we do just because we like ...

Solidaevidencia Archivos you also take many hours of observation ... that's very important. !

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