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Sunday, February 14, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- Why using the right instruments is critical?

Why using the right instruments is critical?

The history of science clearly shows that new instruments always "expanded" our view of reality, the telescope, the microscope gave us a more wide view of reality, the same had been with the many wonderful instruments used today in modern science.

But we also can look at that from another angle, reality is very rich, beyond the wildest imagination, our senses give us a very limited view of reality, that limitation had lead us to have a limited and narrow view of reality, new instruments had widened that view, but that is a never ending process.

The continual use of limited instruments always lead to have a limited view of reality.

We see that clearly in some observers that had used always low optical magnification equipment. By using low optical magnification equipment they had been unable to resolve the structure details of the objects under observation, since almost all of these observers have preconceptions about the nature of what they had been observing they had filled the lack of information in their recordings with these preconceptions, reinforcing them.

Some of these observers that always had used very limited instruments are now then between the main deniers of the reality of anomalies, we had seen that here in first row.

But instruments are always limited by definition, so using the same instruments for too long will always lead to the same situation of filling the lack of information with conscious or unconscious preconceptions, we have to be very aware of that.

Jeremy Thomas We had seen that first row with Scott Browne here, that by his own account had been in this area of interest for more than 25 years but as his YT channel clearly documents he always had used low optical magnification equipment, that had lead him to have a very limited view of reality.
Mike MacDonald You are wiser than you know, Jeremy Thomas!
Jeremy Thomas But his limited views are expanded through his FB group "In the field" doing with that a big disservice to Ufology and delaying the inevitable. But even with influences like that smart people will realize the truth and will move beyond his narrow views and as he had said "nonsense".
Jeremy Thomas Mike MacDonald thanks for your words but I am using basic common sense and objectivity.
Franny Hudson Just another person trying to keep the alien conspiracy alive! what a waste of 25 years limiting yourself to poor equipment and views. That's where we will succeed always looking for new ideas and equipment!
Franny Hudson Just walked outside and had a star like anomaly waiting for me! considering I have not done the summoning technique, almost close to a month. But they are still stopping in the area I call them with my eyes, unfortunately I tried to record them using a pair of binoculars and phone but no luck.
Jeremy Thomas Franny Hudson that is great, the more important of your subscribers was there with you, encouraging you: yourself.
Jeremy Thomas In any area of research in science the new discoveries are not done usually by the people working in the specific area for 20 or 25 years, discoveries are done usually for people with a fresh outlook in the problems, "experts" usually will be "resisting" the new discoveries because these discoveries directly are threatening their expert status and that is not good for them obviously. That sociological situation had been documented widely in the history of science.

David Feola Take for instance my situation, captured many objects, all but a few at very, very close range couldnt be properly profiled. Immediately with new optics detail was apparent even if the magnification did not allow “within metres” observation. But as JT has pointed out almost tirelessly it is only half the story (and thats generous) to observe UFOs as only dots in the sky.

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