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Monday, February 8, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS: Rejecting "classical" Ufology ideas/language

Rejecting "classical" Ufology ideas/language.

The genesis of all ideas, concepts and "language" used by the "classical" Ufology is not based on a carefully observation of reality, but on preconceived ideas on reality.

When done systematic observations of anomalies these preconceived ideas of that classical Ufology had proved to be really a "burden" for the description and interpretation of these observations.

This lead to the need to "create" a "language" for the proper description of what is being observed. Almost everything that is being observed on anomalies is "new", classical ufologists are completely ignorant of these new details for the simple reason that classical ufologists as a rule never did direct observations of reality and even less observations using high magnification optical equipment.

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