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Monday, February 8, 2016

Jeremy Thomas -- Laminar UFOs/Anomalies - 07:02:2016

Laminar UFOs/Anomalies

These are anomalies that look like rigid bi dimensional geometric shapes, the more common shape seen in these anomalies is rectangular but other shapes had also been seen as the following examples will show.

As all other anomalies laminar anomalies had been spotted all over the world, they can be alone or in "flocks", some of the laminar anomalies flocks observed were huge like clouds of these small anomalies.

Many times laminar anomalies had been seen moving around bigger anomalies, preceding them or following them, for UFO/anomalies hunters that obviously is useful to know.

Seen a these apparently rigid bi-dimensional anomalies in fly is really amazing, their mastery of flying is really perplexing for us that expect an aerodynamic shape for anything that can fly autonomously inside of the atmosphere, but anomalies had shown multiple times that not having an aerodynamic configuration is not an obstacle to be able to fly flawlessly autonomously.

The reality of these anomalies, as any other, is also a worldviews/preconceptions shattering fact and as it is now expected many will cope with this very "disturbing" reality with cognitive dissonance.

These anomalies are very hard to spot with naked eye, but some people with extraordinary observational skills had recorded them frequently, they will appear as blinking specks in the sky. As many other anomalies laminar anomalies are easier to spot in IR.

1- Cristian Soldano , Argentina: laminar anomaly preceding a Variable anomaly.

2- Lupyllo Ledezma , Paramount, California US, a round laminar anomaly:

4- Rob Freedman group, LA US, a laminar anomaly is clearly seen:

5- Gabriela Decall, Cordoba Argentina, multiple laminar with their main anomalies are seen here:

6- Jeremy Thomas, Kendall Florida US, laminar anomaly with secondary objects:

As any other anomalies laminar anomalies can be observed by anyone with a little effort, but people that are glued to their keyboards or paralyzed by preconceptions never will see them first-hand.

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