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Monday, February 8, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- Camera and lens combinations.

Camera and lens combinations.
I will be testing different cameras on the current system that I have, keeping fixed the focal length at 1000mm.

Now I am using a 5 megapixels IP camera with sensor size of 1/2.5" or 7.1mm, this give at full frame(2952x1920) 140x optical magnification, in HD resolution 1920x1080 gives 280x optical magnification. The "image quality" is not very good but the optical magnification is really great.

Today or tomorrow I will replace that IP camera with a Nikon D3300 24 megapixels, the image quality will be far superior, but and a big but, its image sensor is 27mm, with 1000mm focal length that give just 36x optical magnification at full frame 6000x4000, at HD frame 1920x1080 just 130x optical magnification.

This give an idea that sometimes higher image quality not always is better if we want to get more details by "resolution". This is essentially the same argument used to critique the systems used by nighttime observers that have low optical magnification.

Jeremy Thomas That is why smaller sensor sizes will give higher magnification. And not by chance all superzoom cameras: canon sx50, sx60 or nikon p600, p900 have a sensor size of 1/2.3" or 7.6mm, compare that to the 27mm sensor size in the nikon D3300, that is about4 times bigger, that means that to get the same optical magnification on a D3300 you will need 4 times the focal length used in the superzoom cameras that is in the 200's 300's mm range, so for the D3300 we will need a focal length in the 1200's mm range....

Solidaevidencia Archivos que interesante Jeremy lo que estas explicando aca, me interesa mucho, cuando puedas, compartinos imagenes de ambos sistemas para ver bien y comparar, a mi me sirve.
Muchisimas gracias!!

Solidaevidencia Archivos me gustaria armarme algo con camara ip para filmar de noche, no se si se puede..

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