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Sunday, February 14, 2016

JEFFREY HARRISON --Tethered Balloon Mimic Summoned 10/03/15 HD

I organised a summoning yesterday in London, that had a tethered mimic appear clearly towards the end. This was somewhat of a bone of contention amongst some members of the group, which is perfectly understandable, considering. However, I'd like to refer my group to an amazing piece of footage that was filmed by Franny Hudson that clearly shows a "balloon" mimic nodding in a self-volitional manner. Please take a closer look, because this is the level of sophisticated intelligence that we're interacting with here. A really remarkable piece of footage. Cheers, Franny for summoning and recording it.

Lita Tuppence I have no doubt that what I witnessed yesterday was a tethered mimic. The mercurial quality of the colours was astounding.
Jeffrey Harrison Thanks, Tupp. Indeed. Also, the mimic just had an aura about it that a mere ballon just couldn't have produced.
Lita Tuppence I described the colours elsewhere as ''gunmetal grey mixed with khaki and bronze...the strangest colour''. And it shimmered like gossamer.
Jeffrey Harrison If you look at the gossamer quality of the tether in the video above, and what we saw yesterday, they're identical.
Franny Hudson Thanks Jeffrey Harrison this one had a flaring neck and looks like controlled movement, the way the top nods side to side. Good too see you kept showing your friend's! next summer we should have a event in the UK and all meet up, that would be cool. Eventually they will see a more believable morph of anomaly. balloon shaped ones, are by far the most common and the mimicry can really go deep! if you dont know what your looking for thanks for sharing.

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