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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lupyllo Ledezma 29/1 às 1:27 -- One caught last Sunday.

here is the one i catch last sunday 1/25/2016!~?/
is one of the called Ebany or non identified biological entity this was recorded on 1/24/2016 paramount ca
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Jeremy Thomas Great capture! Gran captura! This also look like a living being giving "birth" to something new ...
GostoResponder329/1 às 1:46
Lupyllo Ledezma ok thanks jeremy
GostoResponder129/1 às 1:51
Ronald Ricardo
 Fantastic footage!
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Jeremy Thomas I added to the reddit post the other anomaly recorded byLupyllo Ledezma releasing eight secundary objects, these are really cases where the aliveness character of some anomalies gets very clear:

GostoResponder229/1 às 2:06
William Juno Roehling Are there Two or just the one video capture from the pother day?
Lupyllo Ledezma The one says 10 mile away object is another vídeo

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